What happened to the Sound of Music?

It's as simple as this: even the best laid plans can change.

To those of you who who took the role of "audience member" for our first production of Clue: the Musical, here are some back stage insights into the musical theatre world.

When we first chose our 2017 Season at Palisade Playhouse, we knew we'd be taking a risk that all the pieces would fit into place for all of it to work out.  So many were so excited to see what shows were next, so we posted our plans online.

We produced Clue, and with all of the online traffic to our website from that production, we announced the rest of the shows we planned to do in 2017.  We love the show Big River for so many reasons - it's a summery, comical, and twangy show - it was a great summer idea.  As we tried to cast the show, there were so many scheduling conflicts, and we didn't have enough men audition for lead roles to cast all of the parts.  BUMMER!

So, on we moved to the Sound of Music.  Auditions for the Sound of Music EXPLODED!  The response was quadruple what Clue or Big River auditions were, especially for families wanting to audition together.  We had fantastic auditions, and we saw some community building that we really loved.  But, once again, we had troubles recruiting enough men necessary to do the show.

How do we find more men with an affinity for theatre?

While we try to learn and grow, the show must go on!  We'll be producing Annie on August 17-September 2. We hope that with a female-heavy cast, and many children in the show, we'll be able to cast many of the fantastic people we met at auditions for Big River and The Sound of Music.  We still need some men for this show, as well as for our fall production of Big Fish, and our winter production of White Christmas.

Who would YOU like to play for the rest of our season? Or, if "audience member" is your favorite role, who do you know who could fill our cast (and join our Palisade Playhouse community)?


  1. There's lots of us theatre men out there, I never saw any notices for auditions till i stumbled across your website. I live in West Homestead , right across the river, and never knew you existed!

  2. I hope that the playhouse continues to find men to fill their roles. It is a great place to go with your family for a show.